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Please note we have set a maximum order quantity of one catalogue. This is to help us manage the remaining stock of the 2021 catalogue and ensure it reaches customers directly. All prices should be checked online or with our Helpline before ordering. Our 2022 catalogue is currently in development and will be listed on RNIB Shop as soon as it hits stock.

Our 2021 product catalogue contains our bestsellers and a wide selection of our popular and essential everyday items.

The catalogue is available in the following formats:

  • Accessible PDF file to download (printed text with images)
  • Braille Ready Format file to download (zipped brf files)
  • Audio MP3 file to download
  • Large 16-point print (IP413P)
  • Contracted Unified English Braille (IP413B)
  • DAISY audio CD (IP413CD)


Enjoy reading together with one of our shared reading books or enjoy your favourite novel in refreshable electronic braille. Discover our free library services.

Games and leisure

Banish rainy day boredom or enliven a sunny afternoon in the garden with our tactile and large print games. We’ve got word games and strategy games, not to mention tactile dice and dominoes.


Cook up a storm in the kitchen with our accessible kitchen utensils, or simply make a cup of tea with confidence. We’ve a great range of gadgets for measuring, temperature checking, food preparation, and opening containers.


Banish the washday blues with products worth getting into a spin over…


Just because it’s the smallest room in the house, doesn’t mean it’s not important!


Everyone needs good levels of light and as we get older these needs increase. As your eyes age, less light reaches the retina at the back of your eyes, which transmits information to your brain. Most people aged 60 need three times more light than when they were 20. Enhanced lighting can be extremely beneficial to people experiencing sight loss, however some eye conditions can result in glare problems even in normal light levels, which can be uncomfortable or even intolerable.

TV and music

Make channel surfing simple with our big button TV remotes. Tune in to your favourite radio stations with easy‑to-use radio sets.

Clocks and watches

Stay on time and in control with our range of clocks and watches. Hear the time and date at the press of a button, try an easy-to-see face with bold hands and numbers, or discover our tactile watches to tell the time discreetly by touch. With a range of models to choose from, we’ve got something to suit any room or wrist.

Health and mobility

Our talking blood pressure monitors or the talking thermometer, can help you keep your health in check every day. Pill organisers help sort your daily medication and you can easily administer eye‑drops with a handy dispenser. Whether indoors or outside, eyeshields can help relieve eye strain, reduce glare and enhance contrast. Our full mobility range can be viewed online and includes walking sticks, symbol canes, guide canes, long canes and canes for children, plus accessories to adapt your cane to your needs and tastes.

Labelling and voice recorders

The versatile RNIB PenFriend can label almost anything in your home, school or workplace with your voice recordings. Record messages, shopping lists, speeches or lectures with our range of voice recorders.

Label everyday items simply and effectively – mark settings on your tumble drier or oven; make keys easier to identify; add braille labels to your CD collection.


Whether you’re writing a letter to a loved one or a list of things to do, our range of writing guides and lined paper can help you to express yourself clearly. And if you’re looking for practical ideas to keep on track with a busy schedule, our range of diaries and organisers might be the answer. 


Magnify images and documents on a screen with an electronic magnifier (also known as CCTVs or video magnifiers). Portable models are ideal for taking out and about to read food labels, menus or bus timetables as they have built-in rechargeable batteries and a two-year warranty (unless otherwise stated).  

Before buying a magnifier it’s important to know the magnification strength you require and what you’ll be using it for. For example, a pocket magnifier is ideal for spot reading labels and price tags, whereas a stand magnifier is suitable for longer periods of reading. When using a traditional, non-electronic handheld optical magnifier the lens should be held close to the eye and the object should be brought into focus by moving it towards the lens.

Technology and computing

Call our Technology for Life team on 0300 123 9999 to talk about your computing needs. We may have a Technology Volunteer in your area that can help with set up, software installation and connection to your internet.

Telephones and tablets

Landline features include: large buttons, with bold contrasting numbers and big memory buttons for speed dialling. Our cordless phones have DECT technology for clearer digital sound. Our mobile phones and tablets are unlocked so you can use a SIM card from your preferred network provider. SIM cards are not included.

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