A magnifying glass with the the word "Magnify" in black text underneath it.
  • Last chance to buy
    Mixing bowl full of salad, firmly held in place on the worktop by the Staybowlizer

    These products are avialable while stocks last.                                                  

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  • Cane accessories
    Cane renewal kit showing elastic, reflective tape and cane tip.

    Give new life to your cane with one of our renewal kits or replace a worn tip.                                                            

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  • Art and craft

    Front cover of the paint by numbers tactile image book

    Get messy and creative with our range of art materials. Our scented markers are always a favourite!

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  • Non-slip products


    Non-slip Dycem roll in red

     Non-slip mats, bathroom mats and kitchen gadgets.                                                            

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  • Health and wellbeing

    Tablets being taken out of their blister packaging using the Pill Press

    Look after yourself with our range of healthcare products and accessories.                   

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  • Reading best sellers

    Bradley tactile watch

    Discover our best selling audio book players starting from £26.99.                                                                     

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