Image shows the Bradley watch, Groov-e player, pedestal mirror, tactile colouring book, braille Christmas stickers and the Sovereign USB player on a turquoise background
  • 2019 Stationery
    Image shows a large print calender

    Get organised with our range of large print and braille stationery

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  • Children and learning
    Image shows a circlemate

    Explore our children and learning range

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  • Portable lights
    Image shows a plug in night light with through plug

    Find a portable light to suit a range of needs.

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  • TV and Music

    Image shows the Sovereign USB memory stick 

    Find useful products to help you access TV and Music 

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  • Video magnifiers

    Image shows the Explore 3 handheld video magnifier 

    Practical, powerful and portable video magnifiers 

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  • Kitchen best sellers 

     Image shows the liquid level indicator

    Cook up a storm in the kitchen with our best sellers

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