Image of an orange audible sports ball on grass and a pair of football boots
  • Eyeshields

    Image shows person outdoors wearing a pair of eyeshields

    Protect your sight with our range of eyeshields

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  • Canes

    Image shows a coloured children's cane

    Browse our full range of canes, walking sticks and accessories.

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  • Clearance 
    Image shows a watch with a silver strap

    Don't miss out on our clearance items. Last chance to buy!

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  • DAISY players

    Image shows a DAISY player 

    We have a variety of DAISY Players available in a range of sizes

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  • Non slip mats

    Image shows red non slip mat being cut to size
    Reduce accidents and spills with non-slip mats and accessories

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  • Sewing and DIY 
    Image shows the Nimble

    Our sewing and DIY accessories make everyday tasks a little easier

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