Image of some confetti, rnib balloons and party hats scattered on a white background
  • Labelling

    Image shows a sheet of orange bumper stops on a white background

    Find a labelling system to help you stay organised

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  • Lighting

    Image shows the Daylight UnoLamp on a white surface illuminating three balls of yarn and a pair of knitting needles

    Take a look at our full range of lights, portable lights and accessories.

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  • Video magnifiers
    Image shows the MonoMouse electronic magnifier

    Our range of video magnifiers including both desktop and portable devices

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  • Children's mobility

    Image shows a pink children's cane 

    We have a variety of items to help your children stay safe when out and about

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  • Fuss Free Phones

    Image shows Doro phone loaded with the Fuss Free Phone service 

    Our most popular Doro handsets loaded with Fuss Free Phones service

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  • Clearance

    Image shows a silver watch 

    Don't miss out on our clearance items. Last chance to buy!

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