Four of our best sellers; RNIB PenFriend, Orange BumperStops, Signature guide and RNIB Communiclock
  • 2019 Stationery
    Image shows a large print calender

    Get organised with our range of large print and braille stationery

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  • Children and learning
    Image shows a circlemate

    Explore our children and learning range

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  • Handheld magnifiers
    Handsfree magnifier resting on the page, enlarging the text underneath

    Find a handheld magnifier to suit your reading needs.

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  • TV and Music

    Image shows the Easy-to-see universal remote control 

    Find useful products to help you access TV and Music 

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  • Braille displays

    Portable braille device, the Orbit Reader 20 

    Portable and desktop electronic braille displays.

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  • Lighting best sellers 

    Small portable light that folds up into a Z shape

    Discover our best selling lights; portable, floorstanding and tabletop.


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