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Family playing football outdoors

  • Kick about

    Youngsters playing football

    Discover our new sports equipment, inculding the Blue Flame football that's used in the Paralympics.

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  • Stay connected

    Synapptic mobile phone with case

    Tech to help you video call mum, read a book or check social media.                           

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  • Special offers

    Talking kitchen scale on worktop weighing apples

    Save money with our kitchen, games and magnification offers.                                  

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  • Time to unwind

    Relaxinf with a cup of tea

    Take time to relax and look after your mind and body                                                                                        

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  • Eye health

    Lady wearing eyeshields outdoors

    Look after your eyes in the summer sun, all our eyewear has 20% off until 30 June.      

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  •  Urgent appeal

    Help us be there

    Blind and partially sighted people need information and support more than ever. Help us be there.         

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