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    Tactile alphabet sheet

    New products, offers, best sellers and last chance to buys.                                           

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  • Time for a close-up
    Copper swivel top mirror

    Get ready for a great night out and be selfie-ready with a magnifiying mirror.                                     

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  • Wearable AI

    Orcam Myeye 2

    Read text and recognise faces, all while keeping your hands free.                

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  • Music and reading

    Roberts Opus Radio

    Sit back and unwind with your favourite songs or a good book.                                                          

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  • Maths and science
    CircleMate compass drawing two circles

    STEM resources for your young Marie Curie or Doctor Emmett Scott!                     

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  • Digital magnification

    Amigo HD portable video magnifier

    Portable magnification - bigger than a handheld, smaller than a desktop.                                             

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