Close-up of lined paper with lines 1.7cm apart with a pen

Pad of 100 white sheets of thick lined paper (90gsm), measuring 279mm x 218mm (approx 11" X 8 1/2"). Lines are 0.2cm thick and 1.7cm apart with approx 13 lines per page. 

When you find it hard to see things clearly, one of the tasks that becomes difficult is reading and writing. To make it easier to write and read back your own writing, it is important to use a pen with black, bold ink, amongst some other simple measures, such as good lighting, use of thick lined paper and other large print products such as diaries.

There are other pads available with varying spaces between the lines:

  • A5 white paper- lines 1.3cm apart. Product code: DW49
  • A5 white paper- lines 1.9cm apart. Product code: DW50
  • A4 yellow paper- lines 1.7cm apart. Product code: DW37
  • A4 white paper- lines 1.3cm apart. Product code: DW16

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: DW17

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