Clear 9mm labelling tape, 10 rolls

A roll of 9mm clear braille labeling tape

A multi-pack of 9mm labelling tape for use in a braille labeller, hand frame or with your Perkins brailler (adaptor required). Ideal for labelling items such as tins of food and CD collections, and because the tape is clear, print and pictures can be seen underneath it.

  • 10 rolls of clear braille labelling tape.
  • Tape cartridges are easy to fit into a braille labeller.
  • Size: 9mm wide, 3.5m long.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: 612750301995

  • Colour Clear
  • Labelling tape option 9mm clear - pack of 10
  • Material Adhesive, Plastic
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