Hands On is a first stage braille reading scheme designed for young children aged four to six years. This braille reading scheme introduces the alphabet and alphabetic word signs strong contractions a few short forms numbers 1 to 10 basic punctuation and capitals. 

Divided into five levels Hands On includes practice books a booklet of fun activities and several real stories at each level. The whole scheme includes simple tactile pictures and puzzles to enliven the reading material. It is linked as closely as possible with the Letters and Sounds framework whilst not compromising the need to keep tactually confusing braille signs apart. 

Pack contents

  • 32 practice books which each introduce a letter contraction punctuation marks or numbers and provide discrimination and word building exercises using them.
  • 26 story books that can be read in any order once the practice books at that level have been completed.
  • Five fun books providing a range of activities and games many including tactile graphics which consolidate and extend everything learned so far and encourage tactual exploration and familiarity with simple graphic representations.


  • The teachers' handbook for must be ordered separately.
  • Hands On does not introduce the full contracted braille code this is covered by the second stage scheme called Take Off.

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