Whether you’re playing Snap! with pre-schoolers Sevens with friends or prefer the peace and quiet of Solitaire there’s nothing more adaptable than a pack of playing cards.

Pack of easy-to-see large print playing cards with good colour contrast and bold characters which measure 3.2cm (1.25 inches) in height to make each card easier to identify.

The red and black print on the white card provides good colour contrast. The card suits are all easily distinguishable due to the size of the diamond club spade and heart images. Picture cards are represented with large print K Q and J clear letters. Pack also contains three 'wild cards'.

These cards have red backs and a biodegradable coating similar to lamination but which allows the cards to be recycled if necessary.


  • Large print playing cards.
  • Print characters measure 3.2cm (1.25 inches) high.
  • Card size: 6.5 × 9cm (2.56 × 3.54 inches).
  • Back cover colour: Red (also available in blue– GC12).

Barcode: GC13

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