The simple and easy-to-use RNIB PenFriend enables you to record your own audio labels for a wide range of items in and around the home, at school and work. When you need to identify the item, simply place the PenFriend on to the label and it will play back your recording!  

  • Supplied with 130 unique labels; each can hold a message up to one hour long.
  • 4GB internal memory stores 125 hours of recordings. Memory is expandable by SD card up to 16GB.
  • Tactile high contrast operating buttons and dedicated power button.
  • Get started instructions built-into the packaging, simply switch on the PenFriend and touch the instruction hotspot. Announced in a German female voice.
  • You can record new messages onto any label to reuse them where possible.


You must buy extra label packs in sequence to ensure you don't have duplicate labels; they are individually numbered. If you have two with identical numbers both labels will read out the newest recording attached to that number. After you've used the labels supplied with your PenFriend purchase Pack A/1 of the general purpose labels, then Pack B/2 and so on.


  • Label food items – including freezer food, with use by dates, cooking instructions and dietary information.
  • Identify your shopping – label items as you place them into your basket, so you know what they are when you get home.
  • Place audible notes on medicine packaging and cosmetics.
  • Organise household paperwork and personal documents.
  • Identify your film and music collections.
  • Label your clothing – washing instructions, colours, coordinating items of clothing and accessories.

Items supplied

  • RNIB PenFriend 2 audio labeller.
  • Pre-installed 4GB SD card.
  • 127 mixed sized, general purpose labels in orange and yellow (small round, large round, large square).
  • Three magnetic disc labels.
  • Lanyard.
  • Storage box.
  • Two AAA batteries.

Not available from RNIB

  • USB cable, Male A to mini USB.
  • SD card, if you wish to expand memory. File backup and using an SD card: If you’ve access to a Windows-based computer you can back up and manage your recordings with the free Label Manager software. You’ll need a USB cable (not included) to access the Label Manager. Changing the SD card to expand memory requires a computer. Sighted assistance may be required for the process of removing or replacing the SD card.

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