TrueCall VI is designed to help prevent nuisance calls and uses talking menus rather than a screen for improved accessibility for users with sight loss.

The nuisance calls management features ensure that the majority of known nuisance callers are blocked, leaving you undisturbed. TrueCall VI announces callers by name, rather than reading the number, so you can quickly and easily identify who is calling you. It also has an optional call recording feature to allow you to playback important calls.

TrueCall VI plugs in between your phone and your phone socket. It holds a ‘Star list’ – people that you want to talk to (for example, friends and family) – and a ‘Zap list’ – people you don’t want to talk to (for example, telemarketers). When a phone call comes in, TrueCall looks at the caller’s number and decides how to handle the call. In the standard setup, if the caller is on your Star list, your phone will ring as normal. If they are on your Zap list, TrueCall will answer the call for you and ask the caller not to call again. If the caller is unrecognised, they have to identify themselves before your phone will ring, and when you pick up the caller is announced, allowing you to choose whether you want to take the call or not.

TrueCall’s call handling rules can be changed to meet your own requirements, either through your phone using the Handset Menu, or through your Internet Control Panel. 

  • Nuisance call blocker and talking caller ID system.
  • Uses voice menus rather than a visual display.
  • Message playback control via telephone keypad.
  • Announces callers by name.
  • Audible alerts tell you how many messages you have waiting.
  • Optional call recording feature.
  • Braille serial number on the base.
  • 'Off Hook' alert that uses its speaker to play the message: 'One of your telephone handsets is off hook – please replace it'.
  • Can be controlled over the internet via a screen reader-friendly interface.
  • 12-month warranty.

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