The daylight™DuoLamp has two heads each with 28 daylight™ energy-efficient LEDs to produce four levels of brightness which can be independently adjusted for each shade. With the addition of a flexible arm and the ability to position each lamp head separately this lamp is highly versatile; producing either concentrated lighting or wide-spread illumination. Great for any situation or task.

Select your ideal brightness by pressing the easy-to-locate touch dimmer on the end of each lamp head. For your ease of use daylight™ LEDs are designed with low heat technology for your comfort and safety without compromising on lifespan or functionality.

  • 56 LEDs
  • Four brightness levels
  • Easy-to-locate touch dimmer
  • Product colour: white
  • Size: 28.5 × 46 × 6.5cm (11.2 × 18.1 × 2.6 inches)
  • Maximum reach: 28.5cm (11.2 inches)
  • Cable length: 1.7m (66.9 inches)
  • Weight: 0.5kg (1.1Ib)
  • Daylight product code: DN1520

Light output

  • Light source: LED.
  • Lumens: 700.
  • Lux: 2 090 Lux at 30cm (12 inches).
  • Colour temperature: 6 000K (daylight white light).
  • CRI: 80.
  • Energy consumption: 10W.

Why is daylight™ so good for you?

  • Comfort: With full spectrum daylight™ technology your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! Reducing eye-strain avoids headaches and red-eyes.
  • Low heat: Even if you touch the shade or tube of this lamp by accident you will be safe. All daylight™ bulbs and tubes use the daylight™ low heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety.
  • Energy saving: All daylight™ bulbs and tubes use 80 per cent less energy and last 10 times longer than standard bulbs.


  • Never look directly at LEDs.

Manufacturer's warranty

  • 24-month warranty

Territory restrictions

  • UK sales only.

Barcode: DH421

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