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If you would like to tell the time by picking up good vibrations this is the watch for you. More discreet than a talking watch this vibrating watch tells the time silently. Longer and shorter vibrations allow you to “feel” the current time. 

This watch has just four easy-to-feel buttons making it simple to use. Just press the button at the two o’clock position to feel the hour and the ‘four o’clock’ button to feel the minutes. Check the alarm in the same way with the ‘10 o’clock’ and ‘eight o’clock buttons. 

The same four buttons are used to set the time and any vibrating alarm required.

Long vibrations indicate five units of time and short vibrations are one unit. For example long-long-short would indicate 11 hours or 11 minutes (depending on which button you push). To indicate ‘zero’ the watch doesn't vibrate.

This watch is available in a large or small size. You are currently viewing the listing for the small watch. 

  • Vibrating watch.
  • Time indicated by long and short vibrations.
  • Alarm function.
  • Four easy-to-feel buttons.
  • No crown or recessed buttons.
  • Hands and time are synchronised.
  • 24-hour format.
  • Nickel-free case with stainless steel case back.
  • Case colour: silver.
  • Soft black silicone strap with stainless steel buckle.
  • Case size: 37mm diameter.
  • Minimum wrist size: 155 mm.
  • Maximum wrist size: 200 mm.
  • Weight: 52g.


  • Supplied with a CR2032 battery fitted.
  • RNIB does not guarantee batteries.
  • We highly recommend that only trained jewellers or watch specialists fit new batteries to avoid any damage to the watch.
  • Note: when the battery is replaced the watch time will be 6am.


  • This watch is not water-resistant.
  • RNIB does not guarantee batteries or watch straps.
  • When you first receive the watch it will be in silent mode to preserve battery life. To activate the watch you need hold the S1 button at two o’clock for five seconds. Release the button. The watch is now activated. To set the correct time go to the Setting the time section in the instruction manual.
  • While in Time or Alarm Setting Mode if you don’t press any button for a few seconds the watch will vibrate three times and exit the setting mode.
  • When activating the watch you will not get any vibration feedback to let you know that the watch is active.
  • We highly recommend you re-synchronise the watch every time it is set up. This includes when activating the watch for the first time and after battery replacements.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

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