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OXSIGHT Prism and Crystal smart glasses

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For more information or to order, please call OXSIGHT on 01865 58 02 55 or visit

OXSIGHT glasses complement diverse lifestyles, enabling you to improve workflow, pursue your passions and build deeper connections with the people around you. The glasses are designed for everyday wear, enabling you to live with a renewed sense of confidence and independence.

OXSIGHT glasses are priced at £4,000 ex VAT. A 12-month, interest free, payment plan is available.

This comparison chart (PDF) makes it easy to see the differences between OXSIGHT Prism™ and OXSIGHT Crystal™.


OXSIGHT smart glasses can enhance remaining sight if you have peripheral vision loss. The glasses are fitted with a camera that streams live video into two internal HD displays. By utilising your remaining vision the glasses can potentially increase field of view to 68 degrees horizontally. The OXSIGHT software, developed originally in Oxford University, features a range of modes that can help with edge, object, text and facial recognition.

The glasses help with conditions that result in a loss of visual field, such as Myopic Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinopathy of Prematurity and other degenerative eye diseases. The glasses have also helped people with sight loss as a result of a stroke, such as Homonymous Hemianopia.

The OXSIGHT smart glasses are designed for everyday wear, enabling you to live with a renewed sense of confidence and independence.
Experience superior comfort

Built with strong and ergonomic arms the OXSIGHT smart glasses settle comfortably on the bridge of your nose and are held neatly in place by soft touch ear hooks. Lightweight, natural and slim, they are as unobtrusive as ordinary eyeglasses.

Enjoy adaptive design features

The OXSIGHT Prism™ glasses features an occluder that blocks external light completely, focusing your vision on the colour-rich OLED projection on the lenses.

The OXSIGHT Crystal™ glasses, meanwhile, has removable sunglass shades that allow eye contact while also providing help for those less tolerant to bright lighting.

Both glasses have the option of having your own lens prescription added at no extra cost to fully optimise your experience.

This comparison chart (PDF) makes it easy to see the differences between OXSIGHT Prism™ and OXSIGHT Crystal™.

Get back on track

With OXSIGHT enhanced vision, you can rekindle previous activities and develop new hobbies. Maybe you wish to diversify your reading list, grow a garden, start painting or expand your cooking repertoire.

With OXSIGHT glasses you can travel to new places, join more local clubs and be more active in your community with added confidence. The field of view and low light enhancement works great in cinemas, restaurants or anywhere with low lighting.

Travelling to a new office or taking part in a fast-moving work meeting will suddenly become much easier with OXSIGHT enhancements. TV addict? OXSIGHT have you covered too with a range of OXSIGHT exclusive modes and accessories.


OXSIGHT glasses are a type one medical device and are demonstrated and dispensed as such by a registered Optician or Dispensing Optician. A free of charge assessment and demonstration will allow you to fully understand how the glasses can help you. The demonstration is a relaxed and fun way to try the glasses while being guided and supported by an OXSIGHT specialist.


Your 24-month parts and labour warranty starts from the day of your OXSIGHT dispense. You will receive a lifetime software update promise to make sure you can always take advantage of any OXSIGHT updates.

The dedicated UK Customer Care team are always there to help and they will call you within 48 hours of your dispense to make sure you are fully comfortable following your handover.

Initially the OXSIGHT team will call you weekly or as often as you require to make sure you are always getting the best out of your device. Any aftercare or adjustments can be carried out in your region by a team of OXSIGHT Dispensing Opticians and Optician partners.


Not suitable for children under 11-years old.
Device must be used while sitting or standing still.

As part of the OXSIGHT dispense you will receive a free of charge handover session where OXSIGHT will unbox your personalised device and offer you full product training, so you get the maximum benefit from your OXSIGHT glasses straight away.
Following your free of charge assessment, demonstration and handover OXSIGHT hope you will be fully informed on how the device will benefit you day to day. In addition to this, OXSIGHT provides a 14-day money back guarantee so you have time to adjust to your device and get used to using it in your own environment. During these 14 days you will be in regular contact with the dedicated UK Customer Care team so they can support you and help you with any problems that may arise.
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