Ambutech No Jab graphite folding cane - roller marshmallow tip 140cm (5 sections)

No jab handle viewed from the back

This revolutionary shock-absorbing long cane is designed to eliminate the sharp jabs that can occur when cane tips get stuck, for example, in a drain, while you’re out and about.

When the cane strikes a solid object, the handle gently recoils approximately five inches before automatically returning to its original position. This recoiling action absorbs about 80% of the shock, eliminating the sharp jab or gouge to your wrist or abdomen, but without taking away from the sensitivity of the cane.

The sheepskin leather handle has a 10-inch grip and an aggressive perforation that gives an even higher level of traction and control in hot humid and/or wet conditions while still affording an amazing, soft touch. It is installed on Ambutech's best premium graphite shaft, which boasts the company’s revolutionary joint connection. This conical joint is derived from anodized (anti-corrosive) aluminium and provides a highly sensitive tactile transmission, rock solid joints and the smoothest and most effortless separation possible.

The centre cord is a high-quality marine-grade Dacron polyester bungee. It is UV-resistant and water-repellent, with a tensile strength of 68kgs (150lbs). The cane is fitted with the CordLock device, which securely holds the internal elastic in place while you change the tip, and supplied with a hook-style Ambutech roller marshmallow tip.

The Dacron polyester bungee cord lanyard is especially designed with an adjustable cord lock that can be adjusted to fit any size wrist, as well as securing the cane when it is folded.

The Ambutech No Jab graphite folding cane is available in six lengths; select your preferred option from the drop-down menu below before adding to the basket. You are currently viewing the 140cm (five-section) cane.

  • Length: 140cm (56 inches).
  • Five sections.
  • Weight: 0.222kg.
  • Fitted with Cordlock device.
  • Conical joints.
  • Sheepskin leather handle, 10-inch grip.

Cane tips

  • Supplied with a hook-style roller marshmallow tip (MP26)
  • If you'd like to use push-on tips with this cane, please order a hook-on pencil tip (MP27) and also the push-on tip you'd like. Fit the hook pencil tip to the cane and then push your tip onto it. Please be aware this will add length to your cane.


  • Long canes should only be used by people who have attended a specialist training course to attain a high level of safe and independent travel. Long canes are not to be used for supporting a person's body weight. A long cane should reach between the user's sternum (breastbone) and under the chin, when the user is standing upright and the cane tip is touching the ground between their legs. The length and speed of walking stride will also affect the length of the cane required.

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This item is eligible for VAT exemption

  • Cane length option 140cm (56 inches) - 5 sections
  • Cane sections 5
  • Cane tip supplied Roller marshmallow tip
  • Cane type Folding
  • Material Graphite
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