This kit contains all the essential items to get active and try out a new sport. It includes eight good quality audible balls of varying size, eight polyester masks, five running tethers, six sport glasses, an inspiration folder, ball pump and a handy container.

This activity set contains a fine selection of products that ensure you're well equipped for various sports, training and fun activities for people with sight loss. When using the masks, sighted people can also join the fun and be given the chance to experience blind sport, on an equal footing with their blind or partially sighted friends and family.

The equipment can be used in numerous ways and is supplied with a folder full of suggested activities and instructions. We also encourage you to use your imagination to create fun games and training exercises.

Balls provided

  • Two small foam balls with bells.
  • Spongy foam ball with rattling sound.
  • Ball with rattling sound – size 1.
  • Lightweight ball with rattling sound – size 4.
  • Soccer bell ball – size 5.
  • Basketball – size 7.
  • All balls are made of good quality imitation leather (PU) or rubber (no PVC).

Other equipment in the kit

  • Five robust and comfortable running tethers, for running or walking with a sighted guide.
  • Six blind sport glasses, for ensuring that everyone is on an equal footing.
  • One ball pump.
  • One inspirational folder.
  • One handy container for storing all the equipment.

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