PenFriend audio labeller

Our bestselling labelling device lets you record your own voice on to sticky labels which you can attach to a wide range of items, from spice jars to CDs and clothing to tinned food. Simply play back the recording for easy identification. You can buy special laundry labels that last up to 50 washes and the magnetic labels make handy reminders and notes to loved ones or house-mates on your fridge door.

RNIB Penfriend can also be used to add audio to tactile images and maps, creating accessible diagrams for all to use. Our Tactile Maps, Images and Signage Team would be happy to discuss solutions with you. Past projects include accessible signs with audio for the Seamus Heaney HomePlace Sensory Garden, tactile images for the British Museum and you'll see our Maps for All at trains stations up and down the country.

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