Children's books

Check out these delightful shared reading books for pre-school or primary children and get ready to read them over and over and over again! Adapted to include Unified English Braille (UEB) on either interleaved clear sheets or clear self-adhesive labels, allowing the print text and images to be seen underneath and the book to be enjoyed by everyone. 

RNIB teamed up with leading publisher DK to create the DK Braille collection of children’s non-fiction books. These shared reading books are aimed at children from pre-school age to 12 years old and all contain braille, clear print and colourful tactile images, making them inclusive as well as educational and fun.

ClearVision Library has a great selection of fiction and non-fiction shared reading books for children and young people to borrow, including the tactile FingerFun books and a small collection of simple books with the text in Moon.

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