Front cover of Have you filled a bucket today?

This classic, heart-warming children’s picture book encourages kindness and positive behaviour through the concept of an invisible bucket that holds your good thoughts and feelings.

The bucket concept helps children understand the lesson ""do unto others as you would want done to you"", by showing that when you do something kind, you fill someone's bucket; and when you do something mean, you dip into their bucket and remove some good thoughts and feelings.

It reminds kids that they have the ability to ""fill someone up"" by doing or saying something nice, or just the opposite.

The original print book has been adapted to include contracted braille on clear interleaved sheets, allowing the print text and images to be seen underneath and the book to be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Print and braille.
  • Contracted Unified English Braille (Grade 2) with double line spacing; may contain American English spellings.
  • Ages: Four to nine years.
  • 32 pages.
  • Author: Carol McCloud.
  • Illustrator: David Messing.
  • Publisher: Nelson Publishing.
  • Size: ‎26.67 × 0.64 × 20.32cm

Barcode: ET78

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