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In Your Pocket

Product code: HM61

Availability: Out of stock

This product is in stock and available to buy direct from RealSAM, it is not available to order from RNIB. 

To order, please call RealSAM’s dedicated In Your Pocket Helpline on 01733 514 612, order In Your Pocket online or email the team at [email protected]

In Your Pocket is a simple way for blind and partially sighted people to access the RNIB Library and RNIB Newsagent services, as well as make phone calls. In Your Pocket is a voice controlled phone, streaming media player and vision assistant – designed specifically for people who are blind or have low vision.

For £22 (composite VAT) per month, as part of a 24-month contract, or for a single payment of £528 (composite VAT) you will have a subscription to RNIB Newsagent, Talking Books and connectivity to O2 with 3GB of mobile data, unlimited UK phone calls and texts, all provided with the touch-screen handset complete with the RealSAM interactive speech software. In Your Pocket gets updated with new capabilities every month, and now includes the Be My Eyes vision assistant.

The new In Your Pocket is now available. To find out more, please visit the In Your Pocket website.

Red talks about In Your Pocket, view below:


Accessible newsagent, library and information delivered to your pocket, now with phone calls and texts.

Reading and communicating can make a world of difference to your enjoyment of life, which is why we’re excited to support In Your Pocket – a portable media device and smart phone for blind and partially sighted people, brought to you by RNIB, RealSAM and O2.

Designed to make reading the latest newspapers, magazines and books easier, In Your Pocket features a new Doro device, with large buttons and a great speaker for quality sound, O2 connectivity, and RealSAM interactive speech software. It also comes with a subscription to RNIB Newsagent, access to RNIB Talking Books, as well as podcasts, weather, and location information. Combine this with unlimited UK phone calls and texts, and you have an unbeatable package at just £22 (composite VAT) per month for a contract term of 24 months, or a one off payment of £528 (composite VAT). Call the dedicated In Your Pocket help line to order on: 01733 514 612.

In Your Pocket is totally voice controlled, making it easy-to-use, fuss-free and great for listening on-the-go. You can get reading right away, without the need for a computer or downloads. You will always have access to the latest editions of newspapers, magazines and podcasts, wherever and whenever you want to listen.

With In Your Pocket, there’s no waiting for the postman. Just say “Read me The Guardian”, or “Find books about gardening”, or “Play me The Archers”, and In Your Pocket will oblige. You can also access other useful information, for example “What is the weather in Cambridge?”, or “What is the time in Paris?”. Asking “Where am I?” tells you your current location, along with the nearest street intersection.

Using the phone could not be simpler, push a button and say, “add a contact for James Bond”, or, “call Miss Moneypenny”, or, “text Felix what time shall we meet?”.

RNIB Newsagent provides daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines, and the RNIB Library provides you with access to over 25,000 Talking Books. In Your Pocket lets you access all of these on demand, along with over 50,000 podcasts from BBC, RNIB, TED Talks and much more. New sources of media are being added regularly, so you will always have new content to listen to.

To access the Be My Eyes Vision Assistant, just say “Be My Eyes”. You phone’s camera, microphone and speaker will then connect with one of over a million volunteers around the world who is there to help you with any vision task, from sorting socks to sorting out appointments.

Call the dedicated In Your Pocket Helpline on 07733 514 612 or email us at [email protected]

To find out more, please visit the In Your Pocket website.

  • Check your coverage using the O2 coverage checker website
  • 3GB gives approx. 119 hours per month, if streaming Talking Books for four hours per day. This is an estimate based on an average talking book.
  • The device has to be purchased by someone over 18 years of age as they are signing up to a contract and Direct Debit. The device will contain all RNIB Library and RNIB Newsagent content and does not have a parental lock function or capability.
  • Downloadable instructions are available.
  • Download the terms and conditions.
  • Please note: The device will be delivered in five days and may take up to 48 hours to activate on to the O2 network.
  • This is a £22 composite VAT per month, 24 month contract for the device and connectivity on O2. Can also be purchased in a single payment of £528 composite VAT. This provides reliable technology, O2 connectivity (a 3GB monthly, capped data allowance and access to wi-fi), RealSAM interactive speech software and a subscription to RNIB Newsagent.
  • The device can only be bought with the O2 contract.
  • Data is capped, audible messages will be sent when you are reaching the limit. It isn’t possible to extend the data allowance. For extremely heavy use it is recommended that users connect to wi-fi where possible.
  • The device can roam on the mobile network within Europe, this is included in the contract, and can connect to wi-fi anywhere internationally.

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