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Daylight Swan table lamp with 1.75x magnifier

Product code: DH159
There’s nothing ‘fowl’ about the Daylight Swan table lamp – in fact, its flexible neck makes it an ideal choice if you need a clear bright light that's easy to position for reading, writing or enjoying your hobbies.

This flicker-free, natural daylight desk lamp includes a crystal clear 1.75× magnification lens on a removable flexi-arm – ideal if you need a little extra magnification to thread a needle or look at fine detail. Provides 2,950 lux at 30cm.

Please note: Do not leave the magnifier lens unattended in direct sunlight as this constitutes a fire hazard.


  • Product colour: White.
  • Size: 46 × 24 × 72cm (18.1 × 9.4 × 28.3 inches).
  • Flexi-arm: 36cm (14 inches).
  • Maximum reach: 60cm (23.6 inches).
  • Cable length: 1.9m (75.6 inches).
  • Weight: 4kg (8.8lb).
  • Bulb lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours.
  • Daylight product code: D23020-01.

Magnifier arm attachment specification:

  • Rimless lens to help you with close work.
  • Clips on to lamp stem – height adjustable.
  • 1.75× (3.0 dioptre) magnification.
  • 13cm (5 inch) diameter lens.
  • Arm length: 46cm (18 inches).

Light output:

  • Light source: Fluorescent.
  • Lumens: 1,200.
  • Lux: 2,950 lux at 30cm (12 inches).
  • Colour temperature: 6,500k (daylight white light).
  • Power consumption: 18W.

Accessories to order separately

  • Replacement 18W tube (DH173).

Why are Daylight™ products so good for you?

Comfort: With full spectrum Daylight™ technology, your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! Reducing eye strain avoids headaches and red eyes.

Vison: Daylight™ reading lamps have a colour temperature that maximises contrast and clarity with minimal glare, these features are vital for people with low vision.

Low heat: Even if you touch the shade or bulb of this lamp by accident, you will be safe. Daylight™ products use low-heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety.

Energy saving: Daylight™ lamps use 80 per cent less energy and have a light source that will last at least 10 times longer than bulbs in standard lamps.

Ease of use: Daylight™ products are ergonomically designed so they can be effortlessly positioned exactly where light is needed. Function is simple with tactile and easily recognisable switches and buttons.

Returns and warranty

  • Two-year warranty.
  • Bulbs and tubes are not guaranteed.

Downloadable product instructions:


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