Front view of boxed bright geometric shapes

This set of 10 geometric shapes make exploring geometry fun. These bright shapes have a common 8cm dimension to illustrate relationships between area, volume, shape, form and size.

  • Age: 5+.
  • 10 shapes.
  • Colours: red, yellow, green and blue.
  • Shapes: cone, sphere, hemisphere, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, triangular prism, hexagonal prism, square pyramid and triangular pyramid.
  • Made from hollow plastic.
  • Average piece approx. 8cm (3.2 inches) high.
  • Set size: 24.8 × 8.3 × 24.8 cm (9.76 × 3.27 × 9.76 inches).
  • Weight: 84g (3oz).

Barcode: ET40

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