Strain your brain, not your eyes with this book of 225 large print Kakuro puzzles.

Kakuro puzzles are half Sudoku, half crossword and require a combination of logic and basic arithmetic to solve. The rules are simple – fill all the empty squares on the grid with the numbers one to nine so that the sum of each horizontal set of digits equals the number in the black triangle to its left and the sum of each vertical set of digits equals the number in the black triangle above it.

For example, if the ‘across clue’ in the triangle is ‘4’, you need to put the digits ‘1’ and ‘3’ in the two squares next to it – but not necessarily in that order, as the intersecting ‘down clue’ will affect your answer – just like a crossword!

No number may be used in the same sum more than once (for example, ‘8’ over three squares could be ‘1, 2, 5’ or ‘1, 3, 4’, but never ‘2, 2, 4’). However, a number can be repeated in the same row or column if the numbers are separated by a black square).

This book contains a mixture of easy, medium and hard puzzles – the difficulty increases the further through the book you go!

Clues are in 18pt font size, and solutions are 16pt, the table of contents, introduction, and page numbers are 24 points.

  • Book of 225 large-print Kakuro puzzles
  • Easy, medium and hard difficulty
  • Clues: 18 pt
  • Solutions: 16pt
  • Size: 203 × 254mm (8 × 10 inches).
  • Weight: 800g (1.76lbs).


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