Test your strategy skills with this accessible and inclusive version of Quarto. Quarto Access is played by touch and memory and the aim of the game is to be the first player to create a line of four pieces with at least one common characteristic: round or square, short or tall, hollow or solid, grooved or smooth. The twist is – your opponent chooses which piece you must play!

Each of the 16 pieces is unique and is distinguished by a combination of the possible characteristics – round or square, short or tall, hollow or solid, grooved or smooth. These tactile pieces are placed on the wooden board, which has a four-by-four grid, and are held in position by magnets. Your winning line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal on the board.

The game is supplied with two eye masks to create a level playing field for sighted and non-sighted players. The game is won when four pieces with one common characteristic (for example, four short pieces, or four hollow pieces) are placed in a line, and a player says “Quarto!”.  

  • Strategy game played by touch and memory.
  • For two players.
  • Age: 8+.
  • Time to play: 15 mins.
  • 16 tactile wooden pieces (supplied in a fabric bag).
  • Wooden board with 16 magnetic spaces.
  • Two eye masks.
  • Box contains original print instructions in English, French, German and Spanish.

Returns and warranty

  • Important: the box is shrink-wrapped. This product is non-returnable if the shrink-wrap has been removed, unless the item is faulty.
  • 12-month warranty.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption. 

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