The Solo is a high-quality and portable device that plays MP3 and .WAV files. It can easily fit in your pocket or bag, meaning you can listen to your favourite Talking Book, music playlist or podcast wherever you go.

Raised buttons with tactile markings make it easy to move to a new book, skip through chapters or review the paragraph you have just read. The Solo has four large, yellow tactile control buttons and a tactile “click on/off” volume control dial.

The Solo automatically bookmarks, so when you turn the player back on or reinsert the memory stick, the player knows the exact place to start playing from. This function works across an unlimited number of memory sticks so allows for multiple books to be enjoyed.

To connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones simply hold down the rewind and fast-forward buttons at the same time. The Solo will produce three short vibrations to let you know it's in pairing mode and one long vibration when the connection is made.

The Solo has the latest generation of digital amplifiers providing clearer sound, less distortion and a louder, clearer headphone output.

Supplied with a built-in rechargeable battery and USB C charger with a unique tactile feel, 3D raised Kings’ logo and high contrast colours, so you’ll always know you’re using the right charger. The cable is made from a strengthened braided nylon cable. USB C is a universal standard and will prevent “wrong” chargers being used and potentially damaging equipment.

The USB micro-processor is optimised to ensure compatibility across the thousands of different USB controller types.


  • High-quality USB audio playback on wired or Bluetooth headphones or speakers.
  • Clear contrasting tactile buttons; yellow buttons on black casing.
  • “Click” On/Off/Volume control.
  • Keypad lock to ensure trouble free pocket usage.
  • Raised, shaped controls and ports for tactile identification and ease of use.
  • 3.5mm mini-jack for headphone connection.
  • Size: 86 × 55 × 18mm (3.38 × 2.16 × 0.70 inches).
  • Weight: 61g.

Audio playback

  • Audio playback of MP3 and .WAV formatted audio files.
  • Navigation of files and folders.
  • Intelligent and simple Bluetooth connectivity with vibration haptic feedback to confirm pairing status (Bluetooth 4.2 chipset and TX transmitter).
  • Automatic bookmarking of USB sticks.
  • Optimised USB stick compatibility.

Battery and charging

  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery: three to eight hours per charge on wired headphones (three to 4.5 hours on Bluetooth).
  • Real voice audio announcements of battery level with visual indication via 10 ultra-bright LED’s.
  • USB C power supply specifically designed for visually impaired users. Can be inserted either way up and is compatible with other USB C devices.

Items supplied

  • One Solo USB player.
  • User guide.
  • One USB C charger with tactile identification.
  • One yellow lanyard, pre-fitted to the player.


  • The player is not supplied with headphones or speakers.
  • For best sound quality, it is recommended to use Bluetooth headphones or plug-in headphones that don't have a microphone. Headphones usually supplied with mobile phones have a microphone within them and these may cause a poorer quality output.
  • Not all Bluetooth devices are compatible with each other. As the technology is constantly developing, some newer devices will not be able to recognise (or pair with) older devices.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

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