Front view of Swissvoice 1110

Swissvoice Xtra1110 is an excellent amplified, corded telephone that offers large dialling keys with braille dots on a spacious keypad and great sound quality.

This easy-to-use corded white phone is made for people needing maximum comfort.

Use the six photo buttons to instantly call your closest friends and family – or use one of the buttons as an SOS key. The phone also has two extra one-touch memory keys to make calling regular contacts easy.

Handset volume is adjustable (four levels) and an audio-boost key offers extra loud earpiece volume of +30dB. In hands-free mode, volume is adjustable to eight levels. To avoid missing any call, the ringer can be set to +85dB; the phone also has a large, backlit incoming call indicator.

This phone is hearing aid-compatible. The large black dialling keys have high contrast white numbers and braille dots, and are set in a spacious keyboard.

Please note that sighted assistance may be required to cut out and insert photos for the picture buttons.


  • Six one-touch photo memory keys. One of them can be set as a SOS number.
  • Two one-touch direct memories.
  • Spacious key keypad.
  • High contrast black keys with white numbers and braille dots.
  • Large visual ring indicator.
  • Audio boost for extra loud earpiece.
  • Hands-free function.
  • Hearing aid-compatible.
  • Handset equalizer.

Technical info

  • Dialling type Tone/Pulse.
  • Flashing duration 100, 300, 600ms.
  • Removable line connector RJ11/RJ11.
  • Power: no battery required.
  • Colour: white.
  • Weight: 820g
  • Dimensions: 217 × 200 × 82mm.
  • Wall mountable.


  • Sighted assistance would be required to cut out the chosen photo using the provided photo cutting guide and to put the photo on the key and replace the transparent cover on the photo.

Manufacturer's warranty

  • 24 months.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: DH434

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