Send a heartfelt message, record your shopping list or create audio labels with this purple, heart-shaped audio message player.

This audio messenger holds up to two minutes of audio – ideal for short messages, reminders and labelling. Both recording and playing back your message are easy, and you can either save the message forever or rerecord a new one whenever you like.

There are two switches on the back of the heart – ON-OFF and the mode switch, marked A-B, for recording or playing messages. The microphone is also on the back of the heart.

To record a message, move the ON-OFF switch on the back of the heart to the ON position, and the mode switch to the 'A' position, (Record). Squeeze the heart once and release. A red light will illuminate and you will hear a beep to indicate recording has begun. Hold the heart about 15cm from you and speak clearly into the microphone. When you have finished recording, squeeze the heart once and release. You will hear two beeps to indicate that recording is complete, and the red light will go off.

You can only record one message (of up to two minutes). If you make a mistake during the recording you can re-record as many times as you wish, but the new recorded message will replace the previous one.

To playback a message, move the Mode Switch to the 'B' position, (Play), squeeze the heart once and release. To stop playback at any time, squeeze again.

To prevent your message being accidentally erased, you can use the LOCK switch which is hidden inside the battery compartment. This will prevent a new message being recorded until the LOCK switch is moved again, and the heart will only be able to playback. The message will be stored even if the batteries are depleted or erased.

The audio messenger has rear wall-mounting holes and a lanyard loop (lanyard not included).



Talking audio player for messages, audio labels and reminders. Simply press the device for playback.

Built-in memory: Up to two minutes of audio in one message.

Colour: Purple.

Size: 85 × 85 × 25mm (3.35 × 3.35 × 0.98 inches).

Weight: 68g (2.4oz).

Sighted assistance may be required. Not suitable for children under three.



Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

Barcode: DH451

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