UNO braille edition card game


Get your hands on Mattel’s official UNO braille edition card game… This game of skill and chance has never been more accessible – in addition to producing this set of braille-embossed playing cards, Mattel has created an audible game tutorial that you can access through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Two to 10 players can use these easy-to-see cards embossed with contracted braille in the top left and bottom right corners. The winner is the first player to score 500 points by eliminating their hand of cards before their opponents. To listen to the audible tutorial before you play, ask Alexa or Google Assistant to launch UNO Braille, alternatively just ask your virtual assistant questions as you need to, for example, about action cards, how to score, or other rules.

There is braille on the packaging as well as on every card in the 118-card deck. The cards are:

  • 19 blue cards: zero to nine – (braille: b0 to b9)
  • 19 green cards: zero to nine – (braille: g0 to g9)
  • 19 red: zero to nine – (braille: r0 to r9)
  • 19 yellow cards: zero to nine – (braille: y0 to y9)
  • Eight Draw cards: two each in blue, green, red, yellow (braille: b+2, g+2, r+2, y+2)
  • Eight Reverse cards: two each in blue, green, red, yellow (braille: brv, grv, rrv, yrv)
  • Eight Skip cards: two each in blue, 2 green, 2 red, 2 yellow (braille: bsk, gsk, rsk, ysk)
  • Four Wild cards (braille: wi)
  • Four Wild Draw Four cards (braille: wi+4)
  • 10 reference cards (text and braille)
  • 108 playing cards with braille dots in two corners.
  • 10 quick-play reference cards with traditional text and braille.
  • Size: 14 × 9.2 × 3cm
  • Weight: 159g
  • Suitable for ages seven and upwards.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: 887961885453

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