The Stratus4M is part of a range of DAISY players from Humanware, if you do not need these additional features and are looking for a simple DAISY player then the Stratus 4 DAISY player may be a more suitable model.

Listen to DAISY audio books, music CDs and MP3 CDs. Large tactile buttons and logical layout make learning how to use this player quick and easy. Listen in comfort using its built-in speaker or with your own headphones. Sturdy built-in handle for portability. USB and SD card slot to listen to content from different sources. Text-to-speech program enables you to listen to TXT, HTML and Word Documents using high quality Acapela voices.

  • Speed up or slow down the playback speed and adjust the tone of the voice to suit you.
  • Mains powered or up to 10 hours on its rechargeable battery when playing DAISY audio books, other audio formats may be significantly less.
  • 4 hours to fully charge battery. Sleep timer function to conserve battery life.
  • Supplied with a removable button cover to hide lesser used buttons and to further simplify its use.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • A spare charger is available to order separately.


  • Your player will arrive fitted with a keypad cover which is attached by a clip on each of the four corners of the player. This plastic cover hides less used buttons to make the player easier to use. remove the cover by gently unhooking the clips at each of the four corners of the player. It is easier to remove by trying to unclip two corners at a time.
  • Not compatible with a foot pedal.

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