Whether you’re playing Snap! with pre-schoolers, Sevens with friends or prefer the peace and quiet of Solitaire, there’s nothing more adaptable than a pack of playing cards.

Pack of large print playing cards embossed in uncontracted braille, with the denomination and suit at the top left and bottom right corners.

These cards are available with a choice of either a blue or red backing. You are currently viewing the red backed deck of cards.

  • Cards are marked in braille as follows: D Diamond, X Club, S Spade, K Heart and L Joker.
  • Print characters measure 1.5cm (0.59 inches) high.
  • Card size: 6.3 × 8.8cm (2.48 × 3.46 inches).
  • Back cover colour: Red (also available in blue – GC11U).

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: GC11R

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