Our annual stocktake takes place 20 to 26 March, no orders will be shipped during this time.
A selection of our radio-controlled clocks and watches, including the RNIB Communiclock and our Gold talking watch.
  • Last chance to buy
    Mixing bowl full of salad, firmly held in place on the worktop by the Staybowlizer

    These products are avialable while stocks last.                                                  

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  • Board games
    Toilet Trouble family game

    Challenge your friends to a game of Scrabble and discover who’s the Connect 4 champion in your home! 

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  • Smartphones
    Synapptic Silver mobile phone

    With a mix of large print, voice dictation and talking functions, find the right smart device for you.

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  • Voice recorders

    Olympus DM-770 voice recorder

    Devices for making quick short notes to record a business meeting.

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  • Cookbooks

    Kitchen scales on kitchen worktop

    Celebrity chefs, recipes for diabetics and student meals.                       

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  • Tactile watches 

    Bradley tactile watch

    Choose from elegant classic or modern styles.  

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