Image shows illustrations of some of our popular products, including the Communiclock, a watch and a non-spill cup. To the left hand side of the image is a pink box with white text that reads 'New Products Shop now, RNIB See differently.
  • Christmas gifts

    Image shows the braille dots tactile Christmas stickers

    Explore our range of Christmas cards and gifts

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  • 2019 Stationery
    Image shows a large print calender

    Get organised with our range of large print and braille stationery

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  • Shared reading books
    Image shows a copy of the DK Braille Animals book

    These books feature braille, clear print and colourful tactile images.

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  • Video magnifiers

    Image shows the Explore 3 handheld video magnifier 

    Practical, powerful and portable video magnifiers 

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  • Corded home phones

    Image shows a big button corded phone 

    Have a browse through our range of corded phones.

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  • Health 

     Image shows the vocal blood pressure monitor

    Look after yourself with our range of healthcare products

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