Image shows a stack of books with a red apple and a pot of multi coloured pencils
  • Non slip mats

    Image shows a blue non-slip mat on a table with a plate of food on

    We have a range of non slip mats to help prevent slips and spills

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  • Fuss Free Phones

    The image show a Doro handset which can be loaded with the Fuss Free Phones service

    Best selling phone handsets loaded with the Fuss Free Phones service

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  • Pocket magnifiers
    Image shows a folding pocket magnifier being used to read a receipt.

    Our range of pocket magnifiers will help you at home and on the go

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  • Eyeshields

    Image shows a woman smiling, wearing a pair of eyeshields 

    Protect your eyes from harmful rays, browse our range of eyeshields

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  • Voice recorders

    Image shows the Pen Friend two labeller 

    We have a variety of voice recorders to help with labelling and reminders

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  • Leisure

    Image shows large print playing cards  

    Our range of leisure products will help you continue to do the things you love

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