This fun family game for two to five players is udderly moovelous! Adapted from the original Mow card game the brightly coloured playing tiles are easy to see and also have braille and tactile marks for accessibility.

The aim of the game is to create a herd using the delightfully illustrated cow tiles but at the same time avoid getting too many flies (each cow tile has between zero and five flies on it) – the more flies you collect the lower your total score.

Players take it in turns to add cows to the herd using the numbers on the tiles – you can place a cow with a higher or lower number than the cow at each end of the row – but if you can’t go you have to take the whole herd (and their flies) back to your cow shed! There are some special cows on some tiles that spice up the game too…

At the end of each round each player takes numbered tokens to keep track of their flies. Tokens have high contrast numbers printed on them and are in different shapes and sizes for anyone playing by touch. The game ends when someone collects 100 flies. The person with the fewest flies wins.

For ages seven and older.

Please note the braille numbers (under 10) in the top left corner also include a zero for example: 07. Embossed dots in the bottom left corner indicate the number of flies on a tile. The tile number is easy to read and can also be felt thanks to an application of thick varnish. Tokens do not have braille on them but are distinguishable by size and shape.

When you first open the box you will find four original instruction leaflets in English Spanish German and French and 14 pre-scored sheets containing all the playing pieces. Just pop them out to start playing.

Audible instructions are available via a QR code on the base of the box in the bottom right corner.

  • Fun tile-based game.
  • Colourful tactile tiles with braille numbers.
  • 48 cow tiles (plus one direction of play tile and 71 tokens).
  • For two to five players.
  • Play takes about 15 minutes.
  • Age: 7+


  • Note the braille number sign is not included to conserve space.

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