Some products sold by us have been specifically designed for disabled people and can be sold without VAT directly to blind or partially sighted people. This also applies to friends, family members and charities buying for, or on behalf of, blind and partially sighted people.

During checkout you will be given the opportunity to self declare that you are registered blind or partially sighted or buying on behalf of somebody who is. Once declared as such you will be able to purchase these products free of VAT. RNIB may contact you to clarify your exemption status. 

Any special delivery charges are also stated.

VAT will always be charged at the rate the Government sets. As at April 2015, the VAT rate is 20 per cent. If this rate changes, you will find the correct VAT inclusive price on our shop.

For information on how prices are displayed on the RNIB Shop, see our FAQs page.

VAT registration and validation conditions

VAT registration

If you are VAT registered in an EU Member State other than the UK and have received a VAT registration number issued by an EU Member State other than the UK then, subject to the conditions below, you may submit that VAT registration number for the purposes of purchasing from RNIB. You may only submit your VAT registration number if you acknowledge and agree to all of the following conditions:

  1. RNIB Enterprises Limited is the seller of record for products dispatched from and sold to you by RNIB Enterprises Limited. RNIB Enterprises Limited is a UK incorporated company and is VAT registered in the UK with VAT registration number GB524 4558 45.
  2. Your purchases will be delivered to you from the UK. When you submit your VAT registration number for purchasing from RNIB and upon verification of that VAT registration number by us, our systems will determine whether VAT will be charged on your purchases. We will provide you with a valid VAT invoice in line with EU and your local VAT rules.
  3. If VAT is not charged on your purchases you remain responsible to account for VAT, if applicable, according to EU and your local VAT rules.
  4. You remain responsible for VAT and other reporting obligations, if applicable, and according to EU and your local VAT rules.
  5. The VAT registration number and the VAT registration certificate you submit to RNIB belongs to the business you operate and that business is registered for VAT purposes in one of the EU Member States.
  6. All transactions made through your RNIB account will be business-related transactions made by the business associated with the VAT registration number and VAT registration certificate you submit to RNIB.
  7. Your VAT registration number and VAT registration certificate and all other information provided by you is true, accurate and up-to-date and you will immediately update any such information held by RNIB in the event of any change.
  8. All information including your VAT registration number will be collected, processed and maintained in accordance with the terms set out elsewhere in our Sale Terms and in our Privacy Policy
  9. RNIB reserves the right to request additional information and to verify the validity of any information you have provided to RNIB (including your VAT registration number and/or your VAT registration certificate) with you or with government authorities and agencies, as permitted by applicable law. You hereby authorise RNIB to request and obtain this information from such government authorities and agencies as RNIB considers necessary. In addition, you agree to provide any such information to RNIB upon request.
  10. RNIB reserves the right to charge you any applicable unbilled VAT if you provide a VAT registration number that is determined to be invalid, not in accordance with your business details, or that the tax authorities have deemed not to be related to the RNIB account-holder. You hereby authorise RNIB to debit your credit or debit card, or otherwise to invoice you, for any such unbilled VAT.
  11. Until we verify your submitted VAT registration number and provide confirmation of such verification to you at the email address you have provided to RNIB, your purchases will be treated as non-business related.
  12. You consent to receive sales invoices electronically. Electronic invoices will be sent to the email address you have provided to RNIB.

Validation process

Once you have submitted your VAT registration number, we will verify it. The time this takes can vary, but we aim to complete this process within 24 hours. Until we verify your VAT registration number, any purchases you make will be treated as non-business related. 

Terms and conditions agreement

Please read our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.*