A handheld black and white braille labeller
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The handheld Reizen braille labelling gun makes it easy to produce braille labels, even without knowing braille. The white dial displays letters of the alphabet and grammar signs in both embossed braille and black print. You can create labels in uncontracted braille (Grade 1) with some SEB contractions, such as the word "and".

  • Supplied with one roll of 12mm clear labelling tape.
  • Use with 9mm or 12mm labelling tape.
  • Produces uncontracted braille (Grade 1) and some SEB contractions.
  • Lightweight plastic design.
  • Size: 25 × 11.3 × 7cm (9.84 × 4.44 × 2.75 inches).
  • Weight: 280g (9.8oz).

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