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This global talking watch announces the time and date in RNIB’s natural English male voice and includes an optional alarm and/or hourly announcement. It is radio controlled, which means it receives a signal from the radio transmitter, which enables the time and date to set and regularly update automatically. This is particularly useful when the clocks change in the spring and the autumn, and therefore means you should never have to change the time or date manually, unless out of the signal range. 


  • Nickel-free case with stainless steel case back.
  • 40mm (1.57 inch) chrome case with black leather strap.
  • Announces time, day and date in a natural English male voice.
  • White face with black hands and numbers.
  • Two raised buttons, two recessed buttons.
  • Optional alarm and hourly announcement.

Battery information:

  • Supplied with a CR2032 battery fitted.
  • Batteries are only guaranteed for the first 90 days.
  • It is highly recommended that only trained jewellers or watch specialists fit new batteries to avoid any damage to the watch.
  • After replacing your watch battery, or following a sudden shock to your watch, it may be necessary to re-synchronise the hands and speech.
  • You will receive this watch in power-saving mode, meaning there will be no speech or watch movement until it is activated.

Radio signal:

  • The watch can be used in the UK, Germany, USA and Japan (60 KHz only) where the radio signal can be received and the time and date set automatically.
  • In countries with no signal the time on your watch can be set manually.
  • There is no 'Day talking' function after a new battery has been installed until it gets a first radio signal update.

Important information:

  • This watch is not water-resistant.
  • RNIB does not guarantee batteries or watch straps.
  • Some sighted assistance may be required to activate the watch before first use.

This watch is available in two sizes, with a choice of two different straps:

  • 40mm case with leather strap (CW239).
  • 40mm case with metallic expanding strap (CW239EXP).
  • 35mm case with leather strap (CW177).
  • 35mm case with metallic expanding strap (CW177EXP).

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: CW239

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