This is a two section graphite light duty cane designed for occasional use not for rugged everyday use. Ideal for use indoors or in familiar areas where you need extra coverage. Infinitely adjustable over the full extended range by a quick turn of the shaft. Measures 65cm (26 inches) when fully compacted extends to 127cm (50 inches). Ideal for growing children. Also available in length 78cm to 148cm (31 to 59 inches) product code ME16.

Replacement cane tips

Important - training is needed to use a long cane safely and effectively

  • Long canes are rolled or tapped from side to side as you walk to find your way and avoid obstacles and should not be used for supporting a person's body weight.
  • A long cane should reach between the user's sternum (breastbone) and under the chin when the user is standing upright and the cane tip is touching the ground between their legs. The length and speed of walking stride will also affect the length of the cane required.
  • If you’d like advice on the right cane for your needs or to arrange cane training for yourself or a relative please contact your Local Society or Social Services team for assistance. Contact us on 0303 123 9999 for help finding your local service.

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