In 2007 Using the Braille Mathematics Code was produced by RNIB on behalf of RNIB/VIEW Mathematics Curriculum Group. It listed all the symbols a student would need up to and including GCSE level maths and gave examples of their use. Following the adoption of Unified English Braille (UEB) it became necessary to revise and update Using the Braille Mathematics Code. This booklet is the result.

This book is a guide to representing mathematics in UEB. Covering topics such as numbers and arithmetic signs, superscripts and subscripts, square roots, fractions and decimals, unit abbreviations, date and time, algebra, trigonometry and geometry, Greek letters, vectors and matrices; this book is a practical guide for those wanting to show maths in UEB. The book also includes appendices giving examples of set-out arithmetic calculations, a list of symbols and details on the use of the grade 1 indicator.

Body text is 14pt, with headings in larger type.

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