Slimline graphite folding long cane with a marshmallow tip extended for use and part-folded

Slimline canes typically weigh more than 50 per cent less than a regular mobility cane. Made from 9.5mm (0.37 inches) graphite tubing in seven sections, this is a  compact, light-duty mobility cane. Suitable for indoor and light use only.

Accommodates the full range of Ambutech 8mm threaded tips.

  • Length: 115cm (46 inches).
  • Marshmallow tip – 8mm thread style (MP92).
  • Seven sections.
  • Weight: 110g.
  • Standard round grip.
  • It is not possible to change the elastic on this cane.


Long canes should only be used by people who have attended a specialist training course to attain a high level of safe and independent travel. Long canes are not to be used for supporting a person's body weight. A long cane should reach between the user's sternum (breastbone) and under the chin, when the user is standing upright and the cane tip is touching the ground between their legs. The length and speed of walking stride will also affect the length of the cane required. 

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

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