This lightweight headset is an AI-enabled talking camera designed for blind and low-vision people. ARx AI connects to Android smartphones and uses a free app to translate visuals – from newspaper articles and letters, to bus timetables and house numbers – into audio.

Audio is transmitted via bone-conduction speakers, which emit vibrations on your cheekbones instead of vibrating the air. This means only the wearer can hear the audio, and because your ears are uncovered you can still hear environmental sounds (cars, buses, footsteps, traffic signals, and alarms, for example) and voices or conversations.

You can listen to the ARx AI assistant describe what the camera is seeing, or ask it questions, for example, "What are the vegetarian options on this menu?", or "Read the house numbers on this street".

The headset also works with the NaviLens and Microsoft's Seeing AI apps. (You can download the ARx AI and NaviLens apps directly from the Google Play Store. To request the version of Seeing AI that supports the ARx headset, complete the form on Seeing AI's hands-free pilot page. Please note, the headset will not work with the standard version of Seeing AI that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.)

The black headset weighs just 95g and consists of three parts, which are worn around the back of the head, so your face remains uncovered.

The camera module includes a forward-facing 8MP camera at the front and three distinctly shaped buttons: a square, circle, and triangle. It connects to your Android smartphone (not included) via a USB-C cable, and also houses the right-side bone-conduction speaker and a microphone for voice commands and taking calls. A neoprene sleeve is provided for the camera module for a comfortable fit against your skin.

The volume module has a rocker switch with two tactually distinct buttons to adjust audio volume, and houses the left bone-conduction speaker. Volume can also be adjusted from your Android smartphone.

These two modules are connected by the arc, which rests over your ears (like backward spectacle arms). You can use the supplied elasticated headband to adjust the fit, so the device is secure on your head.

The ARx AI headset does not have a battery, but draws its power from your smartphone while connected via the USB-C cable. The cable also allows high-speed, low-latency data transfer between the headset and your phone.

For more details about this product, check the product instructions manual (in the User Guides tab) to help you decide if this product is suitable for you.


  • Lightweight headset with AI-enabled talking camera and bone-conducting speakers.
  • Converts visual information into audio.
  • Requires Android smartphone with a USB-C port running Android 10 or higher (not included).
  • Requires the free ARx app (available from the Google Play Store).
  • Also works with the NaviLens app and a special version of the Seeing AI app.
  • Microphone for issuing voice commands and taking calls.
  • All buttons tactually distinct.
  • Weight: 95g (3.35oz).
  • Recycling information: Packaging is recyclable.

In the box

  • ARx AI headset.
  • Neoprene fabric skin sleeve.
  • Adjustable elastic band.
  • User guide.
  • Travel case.
  • Access to ARx app.

Please retain packaging until you're sure you'd like to keep the product. This product is returnable within 14 days from purchase date.

Three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

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