Blind Football start up kit including masks and ball against a white background

This Blind Football start-up kit contains one high quality size 3 audible football plus eight polyester blindfolds (four red four black) all packed in a drawstring cotton bag.

Get started on the popular Paralympic sport of Blind Football (also known as five-a-side football) with this start-up kit.

The bright yellow football meets the official Blind Football standards for size weight and bounce and contains rattling devices so that the ball can be easily located in play. It is hand-stitched from finest imitation leather (PU) with a glossy surface.

The washable polyester masks shut out all light ensuring an even playing field and are comfortable to wear. (Each team has four players plus a sighted keeper who directs their players and doesn’t need a blindfold.)

  • Start-up kit for blind football.
  • Contains: one size 3 reduced bounce audible ball eight blindfolds cotton storage bag.
  • Ball weight: 510-540g.
  • Ball is hand-stitched from high quality glossy PU.
  • Polyester blindfolds are washable (four red four black).


  • The ball will need inflating; pump and valve adapter not supplied.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

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