Boggle is not just entertaining but educational as well. Place the lid on the supersized six-by-six grid give it a shake and let the 36 large print letter cubes settle into place – then find as many words as you can in four minutes!

Two of the 36 game cubes are special; one contains six double-letter combinations and the other includes three blue squares known as blanks which act as a block and must be worked around during play.

A fun family game for two or more players aged eight years and upwards.


  • Large print letters in 36-point font (9mm high); dark blue text on a white background.
  • 36 white cubes 220 letters.
  • Blue plastic case measures 14 × 14cm and contains a six-by-six grid.
  • Letter cubes:  1.7 cm square
  • Two or more players aged eight years upwards.
  • Game play takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Supplied with a four-minute sand timer.

Please note: Can only be returned if in original unopened packaging or if faulty.

Barcode: GB100

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