BT Big Button phone showing large black buttons with bold white text.
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This easy-to-use white, landline telephone with big buttons and built-in stand gives you the option of using the corded handset or the hands-free, loudspeaker option to make incoming and outgoing calls.

The phone features speech amplification and is fitted with an inductive coupler, so it is hearing aid-compatible. The additional “loud” button also boosts the caller’s voice by up to 16dB. The phone has three standard ringtones, adjustable ringer volume control and a visual ring indicator.

The large black number pad buttons have great contrast against the white phone casing and white text; they are well-spaced, and each button measures 2cm high.

Includes three one-touch memory buttons to easily dial your most important numbers, and you can store an additional 10 numbers in your quick dial memory.

Barcode: DH216X

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