This slim and unobtrusive floor lamp melds sleek modern looks with easy-to-use practicality.

Change colour temperature at the touch of a button and easily adjust the brightness level using the tactile dimmer switch.

Place the satin black Electra behind your table sofa or armchair and adjust the flexible arm and rotating shade so you can work read or hobby with clarity and in comfort.

Work in daylight (6 000K) or cool light (4 000K) to see details clearly or choose warm light (2 700K) to create a relaxing atmosphere. The anti-glare shade ensures that the light will be directed at your task in hand without disturbing anyone else in the room. This light has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of more than 95 so you can see colours accurately at any time of day or night – perfect for arts or crafts.

For more details about this product check the product instructions manual (in the User Guides tab) and the unboxing video to help you decide if this product is suitable for you.

New: a clip-on arm with 1.75× magnifying lens is now available to purchase separately (DH471-MAG).


  • Modern floor lamp with adjustable colour temperature and brightness.
  • Flexible arm and rotating shade for perfect positioning.
  • Slim and unobtrusive design.
  • Easily adjust the bright and wide spread of light using the continuous dimmer switch. The switch is located at the end of the lamp head.
  • Anti-glare shade ensures light is directed away from your eyes and focused where you want it.
  • Three colour temperatures
  • Product colour: Black.
  • Height: from 49cm (shade at 90 degrees to fixed pole) to 144cm.
  • Lamp head: 30cm.
  • Base: 25cm diameter.
  • Maximum reach: 80cm.
  • Cable length: 2.2m.
  • Weight: 4kg.
  • Bulb lifespan: Up to 50 000 hours.

Light output

  • Light source: LED.
  • Brightness: Adjustable.
  • Lumens: Up to 800.
  • Lux: Adjustable up to 2 500 at 30cm.
  • CRI: 95+.
  • Colour temperature: 6 000K / 4 000K / 2 700K.
  • Power consumption: 13W.

Why are Daylight™ products so good for you?

  • Comfort: With full spectrum Daylight™ technology your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! Reducing eye strain avoids headaches and red eyes.
  • Vision: Daylight™ reading lamps have a colour temperature that maximises contrast and clarity with minimal glare these features are vital for people with low vision.
  • Low heat: Even if you touch the shade or bulb of this lamp by accident you will be safe. Daylight™ products use low-heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety.
  • Energy saving: Daylight™ lamps use 80 per cent less energy and have a light source that will last at least 10 times longer than bulbs in standard lamps.
  • Ease of use: Daylight™ products are ergonomically designed so they can be effortlessly positioned exactly where light is needed. Function is simple with tactile and easily recognisable switches and buttons.


  • Sighted assistance will be required to assemble the lamp.
  • Please retain packaging until you're sure you'd like to keep the product. This product is returnable within 14 days from purchase date.


  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption

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