Packed with astonishing facts and astounding world records, this fascinating book is designed especially for readers affected by sight loss. Over 70 pages you'll discover the world's weirdest wonders and unbelievable facts described in braille and large print, and paired with tactile images that demonstrate just how unusual the objects and events being described really are. 

Through the use of detailed embossing, you can feel the world's largest hailstone (three times larger than a tennis ball!) and a bird so small it can sit on the end of your thumb.

  • Ages: 9 to 12 years.
  • Print, braille and tactile.
  • Uncontracted Unified English Braille (Grade 1).
  • 72-page hardback book.
  • Size: 27.6 × 21.6cm
  • Publisher: DK Children.

Barcode: ET23

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