The Dot-to-Dot touch learners pack provides lots of reading material at the early stages, concentrating on tips to help you track across the text and tactual discrimination skills. Starting with pre-braille skills, the complete uncontracted braille code is taught in small steps, with plenty of practice exercises including games, puzzles and short reading passages. 

The course focuses on the practical use of braille right from the start, encouraging you to write braille, including labelling items, and to become familiar with brailled playing cards in order to enjoy a game.

  • Book 1 (pre-braille skills): one volume.
  • Book 2 (Braille alphabet): two volumes.
  • Book 3 (Numbers and punctuation): two volumes.
  • Book 4 (Further symbols): two volumes.
  • Book 5 (Solutions to exercises): one volume.
  • Book 6 (Further reading): one volume.

Please order the instruction guide separately. 

  • Instructions on audio CD (TC21443CD)
  • Instructions on multi-media CD (TC21443M)
  • Instructions in print (TC21443P)

The multi-media CD, includes the instructions in three formats:

  • DAISY audio.
  • Word document in 16 point – which can be accessed on a computer or printed in a suitable font size.
  • Braille Ready File in contracted braille – ideal for experienced braillists supporting a touch learner.

Barcode: TC21441

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