This braille frame, featuring four lines with 18 cells each, allows you to write jumbo sized braille cells onto paper and Brailon. The frame also has one row for holding labelling tape in place. Great for jotting down short notes while out and about, adding details to prescriptions and receipts, or leaving a note in a lunchbox for your loved ones!  

Jumbo braille, also called expanded-cell braille or large cell braille, uses the same dot combinations as standard braille - the difference is in the cell spacing (not dot size). The spacing between the dots and cells is increased a little bit, allowing the characters to be more easily identified by touch readers who struggle with the closeness of dots in standard braille. The dots themselves are the same size as those used in standard braille.

The frame produces single-sided jumbo braille, is made of aluminium and comes with a saddleback style. Work from right to left and write all braille symbols in reverse so that when the paper is removed and turned over your braille will be the right way round.

  • Aluminium braille frame (also known as a braille slate).
  • Single-sided jumbo braille.
  • Use with paper, plastic film or braille labelling tape.
  • Four lines, 18 cells per line (72 cells in total).
  • 1/2" wide slots on either end allow vinyl tape to be threaded through and held in place.
  • Supplied with a saddleback style.
  • Size: 22.8 × 5.7 cm (59 × 2.25 inches).

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