This 40-cell Bluetooth-enabled braille display features a full qwerty keyboard and can be used with a computer, tablet or other device, as well as a stand-alone note taker.

The Mantis Q40 means you don’t have to choose between a keyboard and a braille device (or squeeze both on to your desk). You can input using the qwerty keyboard and read your words (or someone else’s) on the refreshable braille display.

You can quickly toggle between contracted and uncontracted braille, and also between qwerty input and Perkins-style braille input as required.  

Small and lightweight enough to fit in a laptop or tablet bag, the Mantis Q40 includes built-in apps: a basic text editor; a book reader to download and read books in braille; a calculator, a clock; and a file manager to organize your work. It also has HumanWare’s signature thumb keys and home button.

The removable, rechargeable batteries give 15 hours of battery life. The battery is charged via a USB C cable (included, along with a USB charger plug).  

The Mantis Q40 has 16GB of internal storage, and memory can be expanded via the SD card slot or by plugging a flash drive into the USB A port.

The Mantis Q40’s editor app supports DOC, DOCX, TXT, BRF and BRL formats, while the library app supports BRF, PEF, TXT, HTML, DOCX, NISO and RTF. DAISY books are also supported.

The Mantis Q40 is compatible with Windows 8 and above using JAWS 18+, NVDA, and Narrator; MacOS 10.15+ Catalina, and iOS 13.5.1+.  

It can connect to up to five Bluetooth devices at once along with one USB connection.  

  • Laptop-style qwerty keyboard with built-in 40-cell refreshable braille display.
  • Supports up to five Bluetooth connections at once, along with one USB connection.
  • Functions as another device’s keyboard when connected via USB or Bluetooth; functions as a stand-alone device when not connected
  • Toggles between qwerty and Perkins-style input.
  • Editor app supports DOC, DOCX, TXT, BRF and BRL files.
  • Library app supports BRF, PEF, TXT, HTML, DOCX, NISO and RTF files.
  • DAISY books supported.
  • 15 hours of battery life with rechargeable, removable batteries.
  • 16 GB of internal storage.
  • SD card slot and USB host port for flash drives.
  • Compatible with: Windows 8 and above using JAWS 18+, NVDA, and Narrator; MacOS 10.15+ Catalina; iOS 13.5.1+.
  • Size: 29 × 17 × 2cm.
  • Weight: 786g.

Battery information

  • Rechargeable, replaceable Li-Ion, 2,000 mAH battery.
  • 15 hours’ battery life.
  • Four hours’ charging time.

Included in the box

  • USB-C charging cable and USB charger plug
  • Green protective case
  • User guide (stored on device)

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