A selection of black, white and orange self-adhesive rubber dots against a blue background
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A mixed pack of 80 self-adhesive rubber dots. Ideal for marking equipment around your home or office, such as the settings and functions on your washing machine, buttons on a remote control, settings on an oven or important keys on your computer keyboard.

  • 80 self-adhesive rubber dots in different shapes and sizes.
  • Colours: Black, clear and orange.

Eight sheets of 10 different dots (base width × height)

  • Black, large circles with dome top (11 × 5 mm)
  • Black, small circles with dome top (8 × 2 mm)
  • Black, large squares with flat top (13 × 6 mm)
  • Black, small squares with flat top (11 × 2 mm)
  • Clear, large circles with dome top (11 × 6 mm)
  • Clear, medium circles with dome top (10 × 4 mm)
  • Clear, small circles with dome top (8 × 2 mm)
  • Orange, small circles with flat top (7 × 3 mm)

Barcode: DL102

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